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  • ronald : how many days would it take to reach here in saudi arabia
  • Carlo : Hi, I just placed an order (order number 015c0117) just wondering on what date can I expect my order to arrive? Thanks.
  • Vape King Ad : Hi Tom, Yes there is a corresponding shipping fee, it is based on the weight of your orders and your location.
  • Vape King Ad : Hi Clinton. I talked to you in vape king order email. Please reply there. Thank you.
  • Vape King Ad : Hi Tim. We have been very busy with the launch of our new products that will be posted soon. All orders please email us at «email»
  • Vape King Ad : Dear Vape King Customers. We are very sorry that we were not able to reply to all your messages at the earliest time. We are still having maintenance problem as of the moment. Rest assured all your orders are being processed and your inquirees will all be answered in the earliest time. Thank you.
  • tim : no one responds to this site,I've been waiting for days for a reply. I've been holding my order until I get some response. what happened to vape king? you guys out of buis. now? not even a reply to a customer trying to place an order.
  • Clinton Jame : pls check my order here is my Order Number f7160113 Order Date 2014-03-31 Order Status Pending. ive already deposited the payment and emailed the receipt thx
  • tim : need wick and wire, why don't you sell that?
  • tim : I'm buying you crown but I want to know how long it will take to ship, I live here in the phils, dumaguete. please reply so I can complete my order

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